LN Series (4.7 - 10hp)

Yanmar’s new L-N Series of compact air cooled diesel engines exceed both power and environmental expectations.
Designed with Yanmar’s proprietary direct injection technology, the L-N Series delivers frugal diesel consumption through a world-first miniaturised fuel injection system, low vibration and noise by utilising precision engine balancers plus quick and easy to start thanks to a standard recoil starter.

Durability is assured with tough, yet lightweight alloys used for main engine parts plus an extra tough crankshaft ensures torque is always on demand.

Easy installation, effortless starts and incredibly low fuel consumption make the Yanmar L-N series a smart choice for compact diesel power.

  • Direct Injection Technology
  • Low Vibration & Low Noise
  • Durability
  • Low Fuel Consumption

    Specifications table

TF(M), TS Series (5 - 23hp)

"Tough Fighter Series"

  • Water Cooled by Radiator
  • Horizontal Single Cylinder
  • Direct Injection
  • Easy Operation
  • Simple Servicing
  • Less Vibration
  • Low Noise Level

Dynamic power
With direct fuel injection, combustion power acts directly on the toroidal piston crown, boosting energy, decreasing thermal losses. Extra high output creates the tough torque needed for heavy duty jobs. The high pressure Bosch pump, the hole-valve type injection nozzle, and the toroidal combustion crown add up to the improved combustion formula for better firing and complete burns.

Delivers over 40°C
Another measure of TF's and TS's superiority can be taken from its power rating at the ambient temperature, Yanmar rates the hp of the

TF and TS while operating at 27°C. This gives the TF110, for example, a rating of 11hp. Other engines, rated at an ambient temperature of only 20°, also specify the same 11hp. But at the 27°C rating they'll be giving less power than you should expect, while your Yanmar will be delivering 5.5% more! So you know that with a Yanmar you are getting output you can trust, even in ambient temperature over 40°C.
Significant drop in fuel and lube expenses
The many advantages of direct fuel injection show in direct savings. You'll be getting the power you want with an economy.

Dramatic drop in oil consumption
A special separator keeps gear oil and crankcase oil independent, effectively controlling temperature increases. This and other unique features help the TF achieve its remarkably low lube oil consumption.

Better lube system improves reliability
. A crankshaft-coupled trochoid pump circulates lube oil, increasing its life and effectiveness.
. Oil pressure continuously monitored and corrected automatically. Alarm signals for large pressure drops.

Yanmar - the complete diesel maker
From the basic blocks to the sophisticated fuel systems, Yanmar builds the complete diesel engine. It's a level of integration few other makers can claim. 

 Specifications table


TNM MiniMax Series

14.1kW - 17.0kW

Ultra Compact & High Performance
[Best in Class in Power Density]
The secret to that power density lies in the new cylinder body. In addition to its extremely high output for the size, the engine also has smaller base for flexible installation on a wider range of work machines. (*Power density is the ratio of engine output relative to the engine's external dimensions. The MINIMAX series is ahead even of the present 3TNV70.)

Low Noise & Low Vibration
[The Ladder Frame Structure]
The ladder-like cylinder block achieves drastic reductions in noise and vibrations from the engine body.

Environmentally Friendly
[Compliant with EPA Tier 4 in the U.S. and Extra-Low Fuel Consumption]
The high combustion performance is achieved together with low emissions that satisfy EPA Tier 4. Yanmar's very own combustion technologies and MC fuel injection pump and nozzle are the key to this achievement.

Easy Installation
[Easy Installation and Replacement, the Perfect fit for your Machine]
With its compact size and universal base attachment design, the MINIMAX series is an easy replacement for almost all major applications.

  • Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Small Agricultural Machinery
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Compact Generators

Specification table
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TNV Series (13.4 - 83.8mhp)

The new TNV Series engines delivers a host of new features to bring the acclaimed ‘clean and silent’ TNE Series to a whole new performance level. Meaning Total New Value, the Yanmar TNV Series offers a range of new engine improvements to make these popular work horses even more efficient, more quiet and more refined than ever.

The smaller Indirect Injection (IDI) engines have been made more efficient with Yanmar Researchers improving engine combustion by altering flow mixing of air and fuel while a new, more compact in-line fuel injection pump has been developed for the TNV Series for faster fuel control and lower emissions.

The larger Direct Injection (DI) engines have also seen a makeover. Uneven atomisation of fuel in the combustion chamber has been reduced by changing the angle of the injector nozzle. A greater swirl effect in the combustion chamber has been achieved to increase the fluid energy of the air and fuel charge plus a new MP fuel injection pump delivers high injection pressure and more even injection between the cylinders. Uniform atomisation is further enhanced with a more perforated fuel injection nozzle and engine noise is minimised with an optimised cylinder block and muffler design.

TNE is now the new TNV delivering Total New Value for Yanmar diesel owners.

  • Water Cooled by Radiator
  • Vertical Multi Cylinder
  • Most models Direct Injection (lower hp models IDI)

Emission Reduction
Cleaner engines with even lower exhaust emissions are achieved by improving on the already excellent TNE base. Stricter emissions standards are cleared by a wide margin.
IDI Engines

Combustion Chamber.
By investigating flow characteristics using experimental and numerical analysis methods, Yanmar research has achieved improved flow mixing in both the main chamber and the special mouth surrounding the injector.

Fuel Injection Equipment.
Mechanical Pump - Instead of a PFR pump, a newly developed in-line pump has been used for the smaller TNV engines. Adjustments are made solely in the Yanmar's own FIE factory ensuring precise compliance with regulations.
DI Engines

Nozzle Instulation Angle.
The installation angle of the fuel injection nozzle is greater than thatin conventional engines, so that uneven atomization of fuel between injections can be reduced. Excellent matching between intake swirl ratio and the shape of the combustion chamber has resulted in uniform mixing of fuel in the combustion chamber.

Combustion Chamber.
It increase the fluid energy of the air and fuel charge. The swirl effect produced in the chamber continues while combustion occurs, aiding mixing and results in lower exhaust emissions compared to conventional chambers.

Fuel Injection Equipment.
MP Pump.
A new MP pump has been developed especially for the TNV engiune series. Our aim was to make improvements over a wide range of areas to even further reduceemissions.

Fuel Injection Nozzle
Multiple numbers of very small holes are used to achieve uniform atomization.
Holes are not simple drilled, their inside edges are carefully rounded to promote even flow and direction of spray, also to reduce resistance.
Low sack nozzle profile improves combustion. Double corn shape protects from cavitation.

Noise Level Reduction
Cylinder Block Noise Redustion.
Yanmar's original CAE techniques have optimized the stiffness, minimized transformation and reduced radiant noise.

Muffler Noise Reduction.
Original CAE technique is used to design a muffler with optimized volumes and sound isolation materials.

 Specifications Table


LA Series (3.8 - 10hp)

"The dream of diesel becomes slumber silent"

The LA Series' many special merits now include Yanmar's latest 'gentle' gears.

Since this diesel was the first of its kind in the world, its original technology has given birth to a new generation of refinements. For one, the LA Series now extends its advantages over other air-cooled diesel with a significant drop in dB levels. It does it with highly refined soft-contact gearing and a new, ultra-effect muffler - features that quietly help your product sell itself as no others can.

The line-up includes three models from 3.8hp to 10hp. And there are still the many 'firsts' that made Yanmar air cooled diesels such a hit with so many equipment makers.


TNE Series (11.5 - 112.9hp)

* The TNE Model has now been superseded by the TNV series and only limited stock is available as production has ceased*

An engine developed with "clean & silent" in mind

With low volumes of dead space around and above the piston, multi-hole fuel injectors operating at higher pressure than in the past, fuel injection systems matched closely to engines, improved swill inlets - all these have combined to create an extremely low smoke engine, especially in the critical start-up & low-load modes.

With low piston slap, low timing gear meshing noise, low crank journal slap, and reduced flywheel air-rush noise, the TNE Series of engines keeps unwanted noise to an all-time minimum.

Yanmar reinforces its commitment to creating outstanding engines that strive to be as friendly as possible to the user and the environment.

  • Water Cooled by Radiator
  • Vertical Multi Cylinder
  • Most models Direct Injection (lower hp models IDI)

We call it our "semi open deck construction", and it is a feature of all our direct injection TNE engines. When combined without super-thin full metal head gasket and high top piston ring design, it means that dead spaces and cool air pockets (places the flame front finds hard to reach, and which are a major source of unburned exhaust gases) are reduced. We've also worked on our water galleries to further cool any hot spots in the piston area of the block and improved the swirl characteristics in and around our combustion chamber. When these are teamed with the extremely close matching of injection pumps and nozzles, the resulting exhaust gas is impressively clean.

The TNE engines have significantly lower noise levels, especially mechanical noises. Timing gears and injector drive gears are two areas which have received intense design effort. Helical profile gears are quieter, and the use of stiffer shaft material has reduced flex allowing finer bearing tolerances. No crankshaft bearing will be a perfect fit on a shaft if the dimensions of the bearing's back are incorrect. On Yanmar's TNE line, each block and bearing cap is measured, and the closest fit bearing set is selected from available stock. This adds further to accuracy and reduces noise. Flywheel noises, usually created by air turbulence, are sealed inside the flywheel housing by a special flange (4TNE94 and 4TNE98).

Compact and powerful
The TNE series marks a whole new generation of Yanmar industrial diesel engines. They are an ideal choice for many areas of compact engine use. The TNE engines most notable features are: high thermal and efficiency and improved mountability. Durability and Reliability
The TNE engines now proudly take up the running as Yanmar's premium small industrial diesel. They offer even more enhanced durability due to better block cooling, due to stiffer crank and pistons, also due to finer journal and other tolerances.

Asbestos Free
Yanmar uses no asbestos products in its TNE engines, manufacturers in a freon-free plant, washes its parts with liquids that are not major threats to the environment - in short Yanmar believes that being a good neighbour on planet earth goes deeper than just exhaust gas regulations.

Convenient "One-Side" Maintenance
All parts that require regular checking and replacement are conveniently grouped on the same side of the engine. They are positioned for easy maintenance and are a significant advantage, especially when engines are to be installed in locations where space and access is at a premium.

Mountability and Flexibility
TNE series engines are suitable for generator use, for general industrial machinery, agriculture, materials handling, construction, mowing, pumping etc. These units are achieving wide acceptance by distributors, dealers and OEM's for their superior mountability when coupled with various machinery.

Specifications table
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TNE - Power Pack Configuration

Irrigation / Generator
Pack Configuration

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